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Hello, my name is Nikitina Elena, I am glad to welcome you in my cattery. Ragneda cattery is engaged in cultivation and popularization amazing on beauty and charm of cats of breeds Persian & Exotic short-haired. My cattery is registered in system MFA and CFA. I sincerely hope, that on web-pages of my cattery, you learn not only a lot of interesting about breed of the Persian and exotic short-haired, but also will open for itself beauty and charm of these unearthly creations.... Besides on pages of my site, you can familiarize with Manufacturers of Radneda Cattery. The basic specialization of cattery are marble and color at Persians and exotic. For interested persons to get a charming Persian & exotic kitten is advised to glance on a page " Our kittens ".
I do not plan to have a big cattery and contain plenty cats. My cats are the members of my family, and they live in the free roam about my house.
I use bloodlines: Single, Demanch, Candirand, Bryn Mawr, Sout Paw, Zoticats, Jovan, Kitty Sharm, Anona, Red Sky, Joleigh, Spellbound, Sugarspun, Noblessa, Bocassana, Bolo, Calivan, Dega-Bulu, Desmin, Nunza, Becton, Purrmunn.
All kittens pass a complete course of inoculations vaccines with a mark. The passport also move in the new house not earlier than three months. At the desire of the future owner the kitten can be chiped.
By transfer of a kitten to new owners, with them the bilaterial contract consists.

I live in Brest, Belarus.
Tel. +375-29-725-22-20
 E-mail : nefer-nb@yandex.ru 

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